United Colours Of Beggatron
£7.99 - £9.99

  • United Colours Of Beggatron
  • United Colours Of Beggatron

United Colours Of Beggatron
£7.99 - £9.99

Foreign Beggars' 3rd Album 'United Colours of Beggattron', with an eclectic mix of guest spots from Detroit’s Guilty Simpson and Phat Kat, Ben Sharpa, Devlin, Audra Nishita, MC Badness, Dubbledge, Jehst, Kashmere, Dr Syntax, Kyza and Graziella reflects both the musical diversity of the project and the versatility of the Beggars themselves. With styles ranging from the bass heavy dancefloor smashers 'Contact' and 'Seven Figure Swagger', to the uncompromising gullyness of 'Prove It' (London 2 Detroit), the dusty lo-fi grit of 'Don't Dhoow It or No More', or even the cheeky electro-pop number 'Keepin’ The Line Phat'.

Track Listing

  1. Intro
  2. Higher (Featuring Audra Nishita)
  3. Keep It Comin' (Featuring Jehst, Kyza & Dr Syntax)
  4. Breakfree (Featuring Audra & Kai Nishita)
  5. Don't Dhoow It (Featuring King Knut)
  6. Hereford Hospital
  7. Seven Figure Swagger (Featuring Dubbledge, Badness & Rednaz)
  8. Contact
  9. Shake It
  10. Get A Bit More
  11. Corridors (skit)
  12. Asylum Bound (Featuring Ben Sharpa)
  13. Big 'N' Black (Featuring Phat Kat)
  14. Prove It (Featuring Guilty Simpson)
  15. Some Advice
  16. No More (Featuring Kashmere, Jehst & DJ 2Tall)
  17. Keeping The Line Fat (Featuring Graziella)
  18. No Holds Barred (Featuring Devlin, Noisia & DJ 2Tall)
  19. Safedrian

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